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Redefine CX and drive efficiencies across the customer journey. Humanize AI-driven conversations across all digital channels with CommBox’s autonomous communication platform.

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Customer Service

Reduce workloads to call centers and offer an elite level of customer service by shifting 50% of calls to consumers’ preferred messaging channels, turning costly synchronous conversations into asynchronous digital experiences with CommBox's 50-50™ approach.
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Self-Service on Messaging

Transform each customer interaction and improve FCR with CommBox's self-service on messaging (SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Business Messaging). Connect and engage with your customers on the messaging apps they know and love.
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Sales & Marketing

Provide outcome-driven results with CommBox's robust AI-powered platform to automate the efforts of your sales and marketing teams - while keeping the human in the loop.

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What our customers have to say on G2

"Efficient conversations management interface"

CommBox enables us to offer high-quality IT support on to our B2B customers. They can easily reach an IT specialist through messaging channels like WhatsApp and get their issues fixed fast. CommBox has increased our agents’ efficiency, allowing us to improve our SLA..

Project Manager
Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)
"Powerful analytics tools to track efficiency, satisfaction, and agent performance"

CommBox is absolutely fabulous! The platform's dashboard and analytics tools allow us to monitor performance, and modify our work to maximize our customer service agents efficiency.

Customer Service Manager
Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)
"Very easy set up, fast onboarding, enjoying working with them"

Since switching to WhatsApp communication on CommBox, we're seeing higher satisfaction and customer retention rates. Plus, our agents' efficiency has increased and they’re less frustrated and happier at work

Contact Center Manager
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)
"Great solution for 360° customer support"

CommBox's solution allows us to support our customers 24/7 across multiple channels and automatically resolve 54% of queries through self-service. 80% of our inquiries are resolved by CommBox's AI chatbot, allowing our agent to focus on complex issue only.

Digital Manager
"CommBox automated 50% of customer requests and increased NPS X8"

CommBox enabled us to optimize our call center, shift 40% of calls to digital channels and save 18% of our human costs. It's the perfect solution enabling agent to solve complex issues on digital channels, backed by a flexible platform that fits our business needs.

Customer Service Manager
Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)
"One great platform for digital customer service, sales, and operations"

CommBox enables us to handle insurance-related requests easily on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and live chat, from one convenient interface. We can provide information, and collect customer satisfaction through surveys. With CommBox, 30% of our calls shifted to digital channels, and our agent performance increased by 34%.

Chief Technological Officer
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)
"Perfect for multilingual customer service, increased customer satisfaction by 20%"

CommBox centralizes all our social engagement in one place. We can servce customers on FB, Instagram and other channels from one inbox. 60% of our calls today are shifted to digital channels thanks to CommBox.

"CommBox routed 50% of our calls to digital channels, no more overloads!"

Before using CommBox, our call centers experienced massive overloads, which led to a high call abandonment rate. CommBox improved our satisfaction by 50% and also saved 40% of our agents.

System Analyst
Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)
"Perfect for multilingual customer service, increased customer satisfaction by 20%"

CommBox centralizes all our social engagement in one place. We can servce customers on FB, Instagram and other channels from one inbox. 60% of our calls today are shifted to digital channels thanks to CommBox.

"Agent efficiency increased by 50%, saving 15% of the required service reps"

CommBox enables us to manage over 15 inquiries/hour per agent, making our agents more efficient and professional. We can respond to customer queries faster via WhatsApp, Facebook and email while managing all customer communication from one interface.

Customer Service & Sales Manager
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

CommBox’s unified CX platform empowers agents to manage all omnichannel messaging communications throughout the entire customer lifecycle with advanced analytics, conversational AI, and an intuitive interface, while keeping the human digitized touch. Scale your business and engage with your customers from each step of the journey.

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CommBox Platform Features

Digital Engagement

Engage with customers across every touchpoint. Boost customer retention and growth through personalized experiences.

Social Media
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Unified Agent Workspace

CommBox offers an ultimate inbox and outbox for teams. Omnichannel by design, all channels and AI-powered conversations are in one place, making SLA compliance, assignments, tagging and routing super smart and easy.

Unified Inbox
Group Chat
Digital Signature
Smart Routing
Knowledge Base

Robust Automation Driven by AI

With the CommBox 50-50™ approach, you can automate 50% of repetitive inquiries and tasks using AI and intent-driven engagement to minimize communication costs, maximize customer satisfaction, and drive more revenue.

AI Powered Omnichannel Chatbot
Understanding Customer Intentions
Automation Rules Triggered by User Behavior

BI and Analytics

Gain valuable inisght and keep track of all the KPIs that matter such as CSAT and NPS with CommBox Business communication dashboard and analytics. Make smarter data-driven decisions based on actual customer behavior to lower operating costs and provide a frictonless customer journey from the first conversation.

Powerful Dashboard
Customer Service Insights and Analytics
Satisfaction Surveys

Seamless Omnichannel Integrations

CommBox easily integrates with existing CRM systems, contact center systems and other internal systems to provide a unified desktop that your agents will be delighted to use. Integration of new channels is done quickly and easily, and your internal systems will be automatically updated when a new channel is added. The integration includes our Smart Inbox, intuitive softphone-like controls, conversation tabs, screen pop for digital channels, automatic interaction, and more.

CommBox Recognized as Leaders and High-Performers in the CX Market by G2

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We have rebranded

Thank you BumpYard. Hello CommBox

Say hello to CommBox.io, the intelligent customer communication center for live and automated interactions.

We’re extremely excited to announce that we have changed our company name to CommBox. It’s still the same company with the same awesome people! just a new name, a fresh look, and a brighter future.

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